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you don't deserve me at my best.
Jika kau tidak dapat menerima keburukanku,
kau tidak layak menerima yang terbaik tentangku.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

alredi 2.30 am..sok kelas kui 10 so need 2 sleep early otherwise sok terlepas la kelas kui 10 tuh..baru selesai buat draft utk research marketing.2moro need to complete full report of introduction part.agak berat gak sbb wat individually..but i guess this is the better way 2 make me learn sumtin..thn lepas wat dlm grup.xbyk menyumbang pun so xbyk belajaq.this time it makes me learn more..kena present rabu nih so need to do it properly.10 marks is a lot.i need to grab this 10 marks so that it will help me in final..5 minutes of presentation makes me nervous..apa yg nak diterangkan dlm masa 5 minit???sumtime they give too much time to present that made me speechless and sumtime they give too little time to present that made me dont know how to talk...aiyoyo...but still i need to figure out how to make an effective presentation in 5 minutes..masa aku amek subjek ni last year,aku present dlm masa 15 saat.tapi this time i think i need to be better than last year..15 saat punya pasai la yg wat aku repeat ni kot..haih!
tadi dlm kelas marketing it,lecturer 2 bgtau that this sem,maybe there will be no more supp paper.means that kalo fail final,kira fail terus DAN TERPAKSA EXTEND FOR ANOTHER YEAR!!!!!haih..now i agreed with the statement of Money Making University..but i think i need to look it on positive side,because of this new rules,i need to put all my effort on my study.ENJOY STILL ENJOY cuma pelajaran kena amek serius gak kali nih..demi utk graduate on time..GAMBATTE KUDASAI!!!AJA AJA FIGHTING!

this is killing me so slowly..............


Sunday, February 11, 2007

erm..yesterday 809E entered the futsal tournament held by MMU ROVERS..but i got class in the morning.so i cant join them in the morning.after class i rushed 2 sporplanet but,its all over.809E just managed to get 1 point from possible 9.so the last game meant nothing more.but for me its still important to win the last match.but suddenly farouk and azmil came and ask me to help them.they want me to play with them because they had no enough player coz of injury to zul..rasa serba salah plak masa 2..tapi thanks 2 my teammate coz MERELAKAN KEPERGIANKU..so i team up with farouk n da geng and we managed to reach quarter finals..quite good for me.1st time qualify from group stage..finally..thanks god..
last nite we(x-kptm) had bbq at pantai puteri. such a nice bbq.again playing beach soccer there but this time with more people n more fun..LEBIH RAMAI LEBIH MERIAH.LEBIH RAMAI LEBIH KECOH..masa balek dr pantai budget nak p lepak McD dataran tapi xjadi..maybe mlm ni kot..;)


Friday, February 09, 2007

Golf and Wayang

Last nite after class we went to try new sport games.It is GOLF..1st time playing golf and really feel excited about it.
rasa cam tiger woods pun ada nih..warna kulit dah sama...;-)
bart pandang ataih tapi bola actually xnaik ataih pun..leret ja pun..wakaka..lawak ja..
alamak bal!bola mana??muahaha

back home around 915pm then need to get rush because zarul n i wanna watch movie at 10.thanks god we reached MP on time so that we are not miss the starting.the movie is THE HOLIDAY.the movie is quite ok.really enjoyed the movie..after that we 'lepaking' at McD dataran.coz of lapaq xsangga,so we just went to the nearest food sources..;-)
when we wanna make an order,there is sumtin happen between the 2 cashier(1boy n 1 girl)..they were pushing each other in order to be the one that will take an order from us.i thought that the girl likes one of us n thats why she's 'fighting for her place'..maybe she felt in love at the 1st sight with one of us.(ni bak kata zarul la..;-) )..thats not the only drama on that nite at McD..after that,we heard someone "marah2"..thought that they was just fighting between friends but im wrong..one couple get scolded about MASALAH NEGARA by one 'orang gila'..pity couple.they just walk out from McD and i dont know whether they manage to finish their food or not..then that orang gila went outside and started scolding everyone outside sambil tolak2 kepala org2 yg tgh makan kat luar..muahaha..after that she acted like an orchestra leader and sumtime like a pionist and sumtime like NEK BOMOH..

hurm,today i'd completed add subject and this weekend need to work out for my presentation next week..kerja keras sambil poya2 kat pantai..yeah!!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Last nite we joined the TUESDAY NIGHT FUTSAL and guess what??WE ARE THE KING OF THIS LOVELY WEEK!!hell yeah!!1st time join in with a full squad and we've made it.THE DREAMS COME TRUE..now the title and the KING tshirt are OURS...although before the game started i felt a little bit nervous and pali was not in a good condition,but we still managed to be the CHAMPIONS..result are as below ;-

809E VS CPOT CDUT 4-1 (bart 2,lathef 2)
809E VS COUNTACH 1-1 (lathef 1)
809E VS LORONG PJG A 2-0 (bart 1,waru 1)

thanks to our supporters last nite..mayun,ika,ana and fetty..thanks a lot.and not to forget to our manager,ayien..thanks for ur moral support.."Make the unconfirmed things as confirmed"..;-)