18, Damai Street
If you can't take me at my worst,
you don't deserve me at my best.
Jika kau tidak dapat menerima keburukanku,
kau tidak layak menerima yang terbaik tentangku.

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jom buat duit
buat pencinta sejarah
Lathef Mutalib

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Star Girl
Saturday, December 23, 2006

again i came out with a new layout.erm..i dont remember but i think this is my 3rd layout in 10days..this is really a job for someone who dont have job to do..erk!!dont have a job to do???i think i still have a lot of jobs/things to do..but just feeling lazy to finish up the important things 1st..;)

erm..just thinking about what songs should i put in my mp3 player after this.do u have any ideas??if u have one please type RQsongtitleur name and send it to my phone no..i'll look at all request before i make my decision..;)

"phemak toreng indipos htyuran kabajimek attutu achimit kjolop ghuiiuui avdtesri qwenstefanih.ajamnb cvut rtyu rtyi rtyo juh gut mereng"

(i'm expressing my feeling in 'germany's language'..only for those who understand..muahaha)

so its 8 days to go before we reach a new chapter in our life. a new year(2007) with a new calendar(that covered by famous hot models..wakaka)..and i wish 2007 will bring more excitement in my life.more frens to come, more responsibilities to come..but what eva it is, 2006 is still a year to remember..whats ur wish for 2007??