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Jika kau tidak dapat menerima keburukanku,
kau tidak layak menerima yang terbaik tentangku.

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Lathef and Wife
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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

here's the good news,Man Utd goes 4 points clear of Chelsea..muahaha..im looking for the perfect farewell to 2006 this weekend.another win hopefully..i once admired cristiano ronaldo for his skills and his playing style in his 1st and 2nd season.last season he was not a good player anymore but now,im starting to admire him again.he is in a superb form dis season..keep it up!!

erm,around 830pm my old buddy(arif) n i went to one of our classmate house.we want to invite her to our reunion party.when we reached at dat house,we'd difficulties in order to call the people inside the house coz the house is big n the gate was locked.loceng pun just utk perhiasan.tekan byk kali aram xdak respon.so kami mtk tolong sorg mamat nih(jiran dia).dia ni wat cana tataw,mangga 2 leh plak terbukak.so masuk la dlm kawasan rumah..panggey byk kali gak,tapi xberjawab but there is someone inside.dah byk kali panggey br pakcik ni bukak pin2.but dat uncle seems did not like us.don noe why.anak dia tadak kat umah.nak tanya byk2 dah jadi takut plak.cara dia cakap mcm kami dua ni budak jahat ja.last2 kami blah la.npk kata dia xsuka.1st time jumpa org mcm nih.jadi bahan ngumpat la pakcik ni td.muahaha..buat tambah dosa aku ja tapi mmg xelok pun dia layan kami cam2 td..kami mai ngan niat baik..tobat x langkah p umah 2 g dah..the very weird(btoi ka eja nih?) husband n wife..


Pickin' It Up
Monday, December 25, 2006

saja dengki ngan faliha sbb dia post pasai my celebrity look alike.aku pun teringin gak nak wat.muahaha..hasil dia cam kat atas..jay chou??sapa 2?aku pun xkenai.tapi yg xtahan kata muka aku mcm shah rukh khan 2..adeyh!pas2 sama ngan jessica alba ngan song hye kyo lak tuh..aktress2 pujaan kalbu nih..

erm..quite tired today.last nite slept at 5am then woke up at 830am..adeyh!ngantuk deh!but still need to wake up early cause my family and i wanna go to Bukit Merah..now im feeling tired but not really wanna sleep rite now.still wanna check up sumtin on frenster and myspace and also updating my blog n my mp3 player.

still wondering,am i look alike shah rukh kan???i remember when im in beta year at ypmkl, there is one talk held by mmu that we need to attend.that talk organize by puan saburiah,thats why we need to attend.then,at the talk,the speaker(erm,speaker ni penceramah kan?aku xterer sgt bi tapi men entam ja..haha) called me at the back and said that 'you at the back,the one like shah rukh khan"..aih..i donno whether u all(ypm student) remember it or not..

p/s : i need to resize the picture.so if ur wondering about the percentage shown,it is 63% for jay chou and jason newstead, 61% for jessica alba, 60% for pete doherty, 58% for shah rukh khan, 57% for tyler hansbrough and song hye kyo, 56% for rick schroder..


Hazel Eyes
Sunday, December 24, 2006

just come back from meeting my frens discussing about the reunion program.im very2 excited towards the reunion day.hope something wonderful on dat day..
i received on offline mesej form my fren.he gave me a link to watch a video.when i watch this video,im really impressed.never seen this kind of video before.its really good and really amazing..i post the video here for u guys to watch( if u guys never watch it before..kalo dah penah tgk 2 xpa la)..mgkn npk cam semak sket tapi still u can watch it.just stop my mp3 1st..;)

finished???impressed??interesting rite?zarul,leh wat video mcm ni ka?...;)


Goodnight Goodnight

yeah!i'd switched to beta blogger..just wanna try sumtin new.erm..just finished watched chelsea game.wigan almost sneak a point from chelsea but again another late drama from chelsea make me frust.but Man Utd still 2 points clear ahead of chelsea, thanks to double strike from ronaldo and fantastic goal from scholes...
im thinking about the upcoming 2007,it just not meaning that it is the end for 2006, but it also mean it is almost the end for my studying period.after 16 years of studying(since 6years old), now i'll moving to another terms or another step in my life..but before im moving to that chapter, im wondering if we(the ypm student batch 2003) can have one last activities(as a student) together..maybe we can gather all of our ypm-mmu batch of 2003 together somewhere, have some fun activities,enjoying our last moment as a student..erm..just wonder about it but i dont know whether it can be fulfilled or not.hurm...what did all of u think???


Star Girl
Saturday, December 23, 2006

again i came out with a new layout.erm..i dont remember but i think this is my 3rd layout in 10days..this is really a job for someone who dont have job to do..erk!!dont have a job to do???i think i still have a lot of jobs/things to do..but just feeling lazy to finish up the important things 1st..;)

erm..just thinking about what songs should i put in my mp3 player after this.do u have any ideas??if u have one please type RQsongtitleur name and send it to my phone no..i'll look at all request before i make my decision..;)

"phemak toreng indipos htyuran kabajimek attutu achimit kjolop ghuiiuui avdtesri qwenstefanih.ajamnb cvut rtyu rtyi rtyo juh gut mereng"

(i'm expressing my feeling in 'germany's language'..only for those who understand..muahaha)

so its 8 days to go before we reach a new chapter in our life. a new year(2007) with a new calendar(that covered by famous hot models..wakaka)..and i wish 2007 will bring more excitement in my life.more frens to come, more responsibilities to come..but what eva it is, 2006 is still a year to remember..whats ur wish for 2007??

Friday, December 22, 2006

Finally i got the song that i want - Lonely from Mcfly..eventhough some said this band is a jiwang band(especially nana),but it doesnt matter cause their songs are good to listen to.and this Lonely song is one of best song i've ever heard (for me la)..

McFly - Lonely

It's only been a day
But it's like I cant go on
I just wanna say
I never meant to do you wrong

And I remember you told me baby
Somethings gotta give
If I cant be the one to hold you baby
I dont think I could live

Now Im so sick of being lonely
This is killing me so slowly
Dont pretend that you dont know me
'Cause thats the worst thing you could do!
Now I'm singing such a sad song
These things never seem to last long
Something that I never planned on
Help me baby Im so sick of being lonely

The stuff is in my house
So many things I cant ignore
Coaster they're on the coach
Your photos on my freezer door

And I remember you told me baby
Somethings gotta give
If I cant be the one to hold you baby
I dont think I could live

Now Im so sick of being lonely
This is killing me so slowly
Dont pretend that you dont know me
Thats the worst thing you could do!
Now I'm singing such a sad song
These things never seem to last long
Something that I never planned on
Help me baby Im so sick of being lonely

I am so lonely

And I remember you told me baby
Somethings gotta give
If I cant be the one to hold you baby
I dont think I could live

Now Im so sick of being lonely
This is killing me so slowly
Dont pretend that you dont know me
Thats the worst thing you could do!

Now I'm singing such a sad song
These things never seem to last long
Something that I never planned on
Help me baby Im so sick of being lonely

I am so lonely
I am so lonely...

(the song can be hear using my mp3 pod at the bottom of the page)

and today also i knew how to write my final repot.thanks to you bro (Mat) for helping me..now i can finish up my final report and ready for the last journey at MMU next sem..

p/s ; bart,cana ngan jualan album?muahaha..jom balek melaka ngan aku 5hb nih.xpun 6hb.7hb kita join tenement futsal kat melaka..team 809E nak amek bahagian nih..

Homecoming Queen
Thursday, December 21, 2006

last nite was an emo nite but today im back as usual..no need to think about all those craps so long.its USELESS!!
today i followed my mom to visit my Chu Pah sbb dia nak p haji.mak aku ingat dia p lepas asar,skali bila sampai2,dia dah tadak dah,rupanya dia p selepas zohor.aih!silap informasi..but we met my Tok Ngah there..i really admire my Tok Ngah for her ability to remember anything.she has a very good memory although she is more than 80 years old..hurm,me myself dun have a good memory like her..sumtime i wonder what did she ate back 2 her old days.arwah aku penah bgtau yg org dulu2 cukup jaga bab2 makan nih..not like us today.we just eat what we think delicious and good..thats why our people this day easily get so many kind of diseases.i did think to eat like what the oldies eat,not drinking to much ice,drink more water,eat more vegetables,drink more milk,less sugar but until now i still not doing it.JUST THINKING WITHOUT TAKING AN ACTION..i dont know when will i do all this thing..takut nanti dah kena mcm2 penyakit br nak ubah cara pemakanan..i always have this kind of attitude 'DIFFICULT TO CHANGE' atau dlm ertikata lain dlm bahasa melayunya 'Uncle sebelah rumah aku suka bising2 bila kami buat bising walhal dia juga slalu buat bising'..kalo aku berubah pun,sat ja,pas2 back 2 the old habit..hurm...

fuck all those bastard!!

just not a good day for me..met with some old fren should be a good moment.it should bring back the nice memory before.but its not nice for me.i realized that i didnt have many good memory back to the lower high school..school??just sumtin that i wanna forget..friends??just a few friends that really take me as a fren.im glad to have some few good frens back there and i dont even care about other friends.if they wanna say sumtin bad about me at my back,GO AHEAD!!maybe i'll think about this for a day or two but after that i just foget it.who cares about frens like "U"..i still think that i had made a good decision by transferred to another school in 2001..although the course offered was not sumtin that i want but i relieved i took the opportunity to change to a new environment..26th december is my frens wedding day.if i go,i'll meet some of this 'fucking' frens..should i go or should i not?..hurm..

bad mood time
and time to start doing my final report...ARGH!!!

Sweet Talk 101
Tuesday, December 19, 2006

saja tukaq layout baru.dengki ngan faliha sbb dia br tukaq layout..muahaha..nothing 2 post today..next 2 week maybe i'll be quite buzy with my final report and reunion program..argh!masa utk berpoya-poya dah nak abes..next month back 2 mmu!!tapi ok gak.its football time next sem..haha..tapi.......................................tapi...............................tapi................................tapi...................aku ada kelas rabu ptg,cana nak join liga..adeyh!!

Its Not A Fashion Statement, Its A Deathwish

ri2 30hb 11 kenduri kawen kak aku..aku jadi pengapit pengantin laki masa ni.tapi tadak dressing2 elok pun,main hentam pakai baju melayu ngan jeans ja.songkok pun tadak..muahaha..baju pun dah kotor2 dah sbb duk angkat pinggan kotoq sblm tuh.
ni masa mula2 sambut pengantin laki sampai.paneh gila masa 2.sib baik jadi pengapit.aku pegang payung,leh payung diri seniri sama..wakaka

gambar family.tapi xlengkap gambar nih..ada yg tadak.

ha..yg ni lengkap..suma skali ada..saya sgt sayang family saya..tapi pic ni gelap sket.sapa amek tataw pic nih..aih!
ececece...bermesra di khalayak ramai
eh!x abes g..muahaha

waktu malamnya..upacara memotong kek..

eyh???wakaka..nak gak menyemak..well,org dah suh posing "terpaksa" la kan..haha

Sunday, December 17, 2006

aih!direk time aku xdak angpa duk celoteh sakan kat aku nya kotak ngumpat..ngumpat pun sakan gak!bila masa nya aku p umah mentua aku wahai cik nana?haih!pandai2 aja kamu..aku mgu ni cam bzy2 sket.2yg maleh sket nak update nih..prektikal la katakan..;)
baju team futsal 809E(bukan nama sebenar),aku setuju ja kalo kaler purple,tapi kalo maroon 2 payah sket la kot.x minat deh!baik pink kaler ja..wakaka..pikiaq la nama team umah sama weh..pikiaq yg style2 sket.tshirt nak no brapa pun xkesah.aku just nak no 13..haha..tapi kena tolong p antaq printla sapa2..waru ka,zarul ka, bart ka, bal ka..aku nak handle pasai nanyo.2pun kalo nanyo leh join champs league la sem depan.nak wat rombakan besar2 an.nak wat nanyo wajah baru.so sila2 training hard wahai2 membe2 ku.kang kalo xdpt men 1st 11 jgn marah lak..;)
disebabkan blog ni tadak budak dr team len baca,so aku senarai dream team aku utk sem depan:
GK :MEOR (xmo kawan ngan pali sbb reject offer nanyo)
CB :APIS (saja suka)
CB :MAN (flamengo)
RM :BART (zarul pun akan challenge bart utk position nih)
DM :WARU SAJA SUKA (posisi ni still open.so waru kena train hard..haha)
CM :LATHEF (posisi ni pun still open.kot2 dpt midfield mmu.muahaha.akan aku usaha cari)
LM :IZHAR/ZARUL (kena tgk time frenly nanti sapa leh starting)

1.PAPAQ (madu bal)
5.NUAR (kalo nuar stuju la.nuar demand!)

ada membe2 kita yg aku tertinggal x?aku budget nak 16 org ja kali nih.tapi tatawla.takut jadi cam sem lepas.yg aku tau,nanyo kali ni bukan cam sem lepas.main still mau fun cuma kali ni kena tegas sket bab pilih player..
erm..kalo ada sebarang pandangan dan pendapat yg nak dikemukakan utk kebaikan nanyo,sila kemukakan pandangan anda di kotak ngumpat.aku akan pertimbangkan pandangan2 yg difikirkan bernas..

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

yeah!monthly report dah siap.lega.sok leh email kat advisor.awai 1 hari dr due date.gila ah!..sok aku nak blah p sp ngan membe aku.lepas sana sehari kot.pas2 dia kata nak p kl sat.p naik keta.aku on ja dah dia support..jumaat ni plak nak p LOST WORLD TAMBUN..2 pun kalo jadik la.dah lama teringin nak p nih..
erm,aku sebenarnya nak post pic2 masa kenduri ri2.tapi maleh plak nak ubah saiz pic2 tuh.kalo x ubah xlepas nak upload.haih!nanti2 la aku upload.lepas balek dr sp ka.nak tgk wayang sama nih sok.kalo sempat nak tgk GRID IRON GANG..cam narek ja aku tgk.
la aku duk pulun kontek membe2 lama sama.membe2 masa darjah 6.nak wat reunion nih.ari2 meeting ngan 5org budak kelas dulu. masa meeting 2 jumpa la balek ngan budak cun kelas aku dulu.haih!..duk dak duk dak duk dak duk dak.(bunyi jantung aku nih)..muahaha..dulu lawa la pun still lawa.haih!..wakaka..x sabaq nak tunggu reunion nih.nak jumpa balek geng2 laki kelas aku dulu.abes ja perjumpaan nanti,kalo jadi kami yg laki2 nak p KUALA PERLIS..p makan IKAN BAKAQ..kalo x pun,FUTSAL la..apa lagi.dah ada ramai nih..tunggu bapak g..muahaha..nak join ka bart men futsal mlm tuh?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

wah..slama aku tinggai blog aku nih,meriah ja aku nya kotak ngumpat.sakan npk duk ngumpat aku..aih!xpa2.kurang2 angpa xlupa kat aku dan blog aku walaupun aku 'menyepi' seketika dr dunia komunikasi tanpa batasan nih..muahaha..ri ni br dpt online kat umah..ri ni gak dpt brita dr zarul..dah la rini hotz gila..paneh kan main.pas2 leh lak dpt berita yg buat tambah paneh..haih!ni yg rasa nak balek melaka malam ni gak nih.sib baik keja byk.kalo x siap la team2 kat sana..muahaha..duk cni payah gila nak men futsal.smlm br men lak.ngan geng pejabat bart..pancit gak smlm.tapi still kewl g..
tiba2 ja aku rasa cam membe2 ramai plak kat kedah nih.buleh la men futsal g lepaih nih.ni suma sbb terjumpa membe2 lama la nih..bertambah2 la kontek utk men bola kat cnih..stop dulu cni.satg aku post g..qadha byk2 mlm nih.sbb dah lama x post..;)